HARMONY is on a mission to recycle rare earth elements from end-of-life NdFeB permanent magnets more efficiently

It aims at strengthening the independency and the competitiveness of European industry, enabling a resilience value chain of raw materials by developing and validating at pilot scale an innovative, green, and safe closed-loop recycling process of REEs. The goal is to create a comprehensive recycling process for NdFeB magnets. Collection and recycling steps will be implemented in 8 pilot plans reaching a final TRL of 6-7. HARMONY will build upon existing standards during the development of the novel products, ensuring compatibility with market conditions and increasing transparency for prospective customers to prove that the recycling process is not only environmentally friendly but also economically and socially viable.

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01 January 2024


36 Months

21 Partners

coordinated by CEIT


7.1 Million €

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